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The C-DOC Team Remains Committed and Dedicated to Safety and Competence.

We service the commercial diving community through:

  • Red CrossEffective Education
  • Red CrossConsulting
  • Red CrossEquipment Design & Usage.

Our team strives to ensure continued improvement and development for competency and safety in all dive operations inshore and offshore.

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C-DOC has recently partnered with D+MER, an on line blended learning and competence management system, in order to ensure anyone who is expected to use a certain piece of equipment is familiar with and trained in use of that equipment (reference DMAC 28).

The C-DOC occupational health team brings together industry specialists with a broad background and skills set to compliment quality assured training.

All courses are complimented by the D+MER online learning platform. Candidates are required to complete the theory online prior to being enrolled on the respective course at C-DOC training and skills assessment centre in Saldanha Bay, South Africa.


C-DOC training centre in Saldanha Bay has been established since 1999 offering the following training to support commercial diving competency and safety:

  • Red CrossIMCA Diver Medic Training – Full Course
  • Red CrossIMCA Diver Medic Training – Refresher Course
  • Red CrossIMCA Trainee Air Diving Supervisor
  • Red CrossDMAC 11 First Aid for the Dive Team
  • Red CrossDoL Learner Supervisors Training
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Log Book and Support Services

C-DOC provides a hard copy and electronic log book to ensure appropriate systems control.

Red CrossHelpful Hints

This product catalogue that has product images to assist with identification of medical equipment. This will assist personnel with language barriers or limited medical knowledge and terminology.

Additional Medical Equipment and Consulting Services

C-DOC offers compliant Inshore First Aid kits with Portable Oxygen as required for inshore diving operations.

C-DOC offer one-on-one consulting services tailored to the client’s requirements. C-DOC is committed to assisting dive operations be compliant to regulations and recommendations as set out by regulators of industry for best industry, safe practice.


Trainees Successfully Completed Our Courses


Medical Equipment Packages Sold


Years of Collective Team Experience

Red Cross

Medical Equipment for Commercial Dive Operations.

Medical Equipment

C-DOC Offshore Medical Kit. Designed by divers, facilitated by the C-DOC occupational health team with specific knowledge and experience in commercial diving operations.

Red CrossAir Diving Operations

DMAC 015: Medical Equipment to be held at an offshore diving operation

Red CrossSaturation Diving Operations

DMAC 028: The Provision of Emergency Medical Care for Divers in Saturation

Effective Implementation

C-DOC has taken the list of medical supplies provided by DMAC and carefully packed the equipment for the purpose of effective implementation and maintenance.

The module is clearly labelled specific to the emergency response and can be identified by any crew member.

Clear labelling enables personnel to respond in an efficient manner during the anxiety and confusion of a sudden emergency.

Common Approach and Functionality

C-DOC’s unique design ensures the right people are using the right equipment at the right time in the right place to ensure optimal outcomes, patient safety, care and survival.

Red CrossFunctionality

The systematic, appropriate and clearly labelled kit can be easily identified and used by the Diver Medic Technician (DMT), diver, medic and Doctor alike.

Red CrossExpiry Dates

Expiry dates are similar where possible and each module is sealed. This ensures time efficiency and facilitates easy compliance

Quality Control and Turnaround Time

The kits are packed by the C-DOC Occupational Health Team with knowledge in commercial diving

All items are:

  • Red Cross

    Carefully selected acknowledging the barriers of specific equipment issues when dealing with casualties in remote, confined, hyperbaric environments.

  • Red Cross

    Repacked into durable vacuum packs and sealed to extend shelf life in the high humidity and pressurised environments.

  • Red Cross

    Checked for adult use only and functionality in the appropriate environments.

  • Red Cross

    Easy to restock when module contents expire or if seals have been broken

Industry Alignment

C-DOC offshore medical kits comply with DMAC industry guidance.

Red CrossDMAC 015
Red CrossDMAC 028

C-DOC occupational health care staff are able to offer consultation to the client’s medical department to advise and agree what facilities and equipment should be available in relation to the specific location.

Tech Specs

There is clear guidance to kit dimensions and weight. All modular equipment is specifically designed to:

  • Red Cross

    Fit into bells and chambers maintaining good housekeeping

  • Red Cross

    Fit through medical locks and transfer under pressure

  • Red Cross

    Ensure compatibility with the width of deck plates and trunkings

Components are easily identifiable and manageable to maximize the use throughout the dive spreads.

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Medical Equipment

If you’d like to request a quotation or obtain more information regarding any of the medical equipment we provide, please fill out our enquiry form.

C-DOC Medical Kit Order Form.

C-DOC Medical Kit


DMAC 015 Rev.4 C-DOC Offshore Medical Kit (System Only - NO medical Contents)

DMAC 015 Rev.4 C-DOC Offshore Medical Kit (Fully Compliant with Medical Contents, excludes drug module, Portable Oxygen & AED)

DMAC 015 Rev.4 C-DOC Offshore Medical Kit (Minimum Medical Content - Stretcher Bag)

DMAC 015 Rev.4 C-DOC Offshore Medical Kit (Minimum Medical Content - Back Pack)

DMAC COMPLIANCE CONSULTANCY (Once off for repack, log and sterilise client's current stock into C-DOC System and list shortfalls for client. Excludes shortfalls of medical contents)

C-DOC SYSTEMS MODULES (Includes Medical Content)

Reflective Jacket

Hand Held First Aid Kit

Module 1 Airway

Module 2 Dressings

Module 3 IV Access (includes spring loaded IO)

Module 3 IV Access (includes manual IO)

Module 4 Sutures

Module 5 Chest Drain

Module 6 Urinary

Module 7 Diagnostics

Module 8 Needles / Syringes


Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

BIBS Bag Valve Mask Connector (BIBS) (SCOTTS BIBS excluded)

Air Chamber (AC) Medical Kit

Advanced Adult Airway (AAA)


Saturation Chamber (SC) Living Chamber Medical Kit

Diving Bell (DB) Medical Kit

Hyperbaric Evacuation System (HES) Medical Kit (12 PAX)


Portable Oxygen


DMAC 015 Prescription Pharmaceutical Module (Drug Module)

Inshore Commercial Dive Operations Compliant Medical Kit


Training Course Booking.

R 21000

IMCA approved ODL for the Offshore Air Diving Supervisor

R 1600

Select Date:

DMAC 11 compliant Blended Learning - To deal safely and effectively with injuries or illness at work incorporationg First Aid and Oxygen Administration for the Commercial Dive Team

R 17000

Select Date:

IMCA Approved Blended learning Qualification: To administer advanced first aid and life support skills in the management of diving casualties including treatment while at pressure and during saturation diving operations. Pre- requisite: Hold a recognised Offshore Diving or LST ticket . NOTE: Minimum of 3 students required for course to commence

R 9500

Select Date:

IMCA Approved Blended learning Refresher Course: To administer advanced first aid and life support skills in the management of diving casualties including treatment while at pressure and during saturation diving operations. IMCA Recognised Blended learning Qualification for Offshore Divers and LST only.

R 350

All Emergency Response Plans (ERP) require structure and processes, that when integrated, produce systems, relevant to the working environment, that lead to optimal outcomes during major emergencies.

R 1600

Select Date:

This unit standards replaces the old DoL First Aid Level 1 Course. This US is the minimum required training needed by employers to comply with Regulation 3(4) of General Safety Regulations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 “employers should provide a safe and healthy environment for their employees."


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